Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Japanese Twilight!!!! Without the emo thingy.

I heard of this movie for a long time and have been hunting for it since 2006. Today I was at the DVD shop, and OMG, I saw this movie. The DVD seller was smiling cause he knows my taste already =.=. So I told him if a movie Robogeisha is here, tell me immediately.

The movie starts with Mizushima helping an injured Monami.

Monami is a vampire who is over 100 years old. These vampires follow the "Twilight Vampire Rule", they can walk under the sun, only she will feel a bit unwell.

Their path are blocked by three monsters, Monami springs into action and we have blood, blood, blood

The first monster got her head de-fleshed. Is there such a word??

She can grow swords out of her blood. All she needs is a cut and instance blood sword.

All the three monsters were dispatched quickly.

Second monster decapitated.

The third got a sword through the vagina until the skull came out. Wow

Eat your heart out Hamlet.

Flashback, Mizushima is a student at a highschool. He has a girlfriend, not really, the girl, Keiko considered him her boyfriend.



Keiko's dad is the vice principal, and moonlighting as a mad scientist, trying to resurrect the dead.

Vice principal

Mad scientist

He is assisted by the oversexed nurse Midori.

I saw a suit like this at Gurney. I was tempted to buy it for someone, but most probably I end up like the person in the next few scenes.

I have eyes for fine looking boobies :P

Sad to say their experiences were failures.

One day, an exchange student, Monami came and joined the class.


She's a vampire, and not the sissy vegetarian Twilight vampire.

#1 reason I don't date (Japanese) vampire. They eat too messily.

Monami has an eye for Mizushima and on Valentine's Day, she gave him chocolate laced with her blood, thus turning him into a half vampire. That's one way to get a guy =.=

Of course Keiko was not happy with this.

Monami dropped a drop of vampire blood on the floor, it was found by the nurse and the mad scientist.

A confrontation on the rooftop ended with Keiko falling off and died due to the fall.

Her mad scientist dad decided to resurrect her with technology using vampire blood. Thus the stage is set for the showdown between vampire girl and frankenstein girl.

They kidnapped Mizushima to lure Monami out.

Enter Frankenstein Girl

She can unscrew her hand so it function as a boomerang.

Which is not a good thing cause it tends to hit her allies only.

Igor arrives to help Monami

Midori arrives to back up Keiko

While Monami can jump high up to Tokyo Tower (I think its Tokyo Tower), Keiko cannot jump, so she does a tribute to Doraemon, really funny scene.

Final battle on Tokyo Tower..

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