Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bitch Slap

Wanna see a movie with hot chicks, boobies, hot lesbian action, a killer yoyo and a katana? Then Bitch Slap is for you. If you like Tarantino's movies, then Bitch Slap is definitely for you. This movie has the 70s exploitation movie feel.

I knew I was gonna love the movie when I saw they used a clip from the movie "They called her One-Eye", which is the model for Tarantino's Kill Bill Elle Driver.

Zoe Bell, the stunt woman from Tarantino's Death Proof is also the stunt coordinator. Nice

I have to look out for the movies that this guy directed.

The movie starts in the midst of chaos and destruction, with Trixie asking "How did we end up like this?"

A few hours ago, three girls arrive at the location in the middle of the desert. They are..




They had kidnapped an underworld figure, Gage to find out where is his secret stash, including diamonds worth 200 millions.

A few hours earlier, Trixie managed to open the safe belonging to Gage, but was caught so all them had no choice but to take Gage with them. You will not believe how the safe is opened so I capture the screen for you.

Their ride is cool looking too.

Camero likes to pop some pills and does weird stuff after that. You have to see for yourself.

Big O notation..

Gage warned Hel and Trixie that they cannot trust Camero because of what she did at the Glory Hole, which was 6 months ago. Camero responded by shooting Gage in the head.

Gage works for the mysterious Pinky, who no one has seen, and has connection with the government, like manufacturing weapons for them. Gage has secretly been stealing from Pinky.


Their search was interrupted by a cop, but they managed to send him away by telling that their car broke down.

Flashback scene on how Trixie managed to get close to Gage..

They continued digging around until Trixie cannot stand the heat and poured cold waiet on herself.

Top reason why girls should not pour cold water on themselves..

More water play..

Hot lesbian action....

Of course Camero was pissed off when she walked in.

Hel and Trixie searched the cabin and found one BFG...

Big F**king Gun aka BFG

Meanwhile outside, Camero was high on some pills and was captured by her enemies who wanted the diamonds too.

They finally found Gage's hidden stash and was about to be shot when the policeman earlier interupted.

The policeman was injured by Kinki using bladed yoyo, a tribute to the Japanese movie, about the cop that use yoyo as a weapon, but I forget the title, yoyo girl or something. But it gave Hel enough time to get the BFG...

Excuse me, I think that suit is too young for you. I want Yuko wear that suit.

Come get some...

Hel shot both the enemies in the leg but Camero went nuts and does a headshot...

Blood, blood, blood...happy

Camero wanted to kill the policeman but was stopped by Hel. Hel handcuffed the police inside the cabin and chained Camero outside.

Hel and Trixie went inside the hidden chamber and found..

Nano patricle bomb, wanted most by Hel, actually she is Agent 69, and her task is to retrieve the bomb..

Diamonds, Camero wanted this most..

Trixie is really interested in this katana..hmmm

Hel and Trixie went outside and found that Camero had escaped..

Hel got tied up and Camero tried to burn Trixie..

Camero failed to burn Trixie and her car was blown up by Hel...

But Camero is not dead yet, she took all her pills and fought wilh Hel again. She defeated Hel and was about to stab Trixie, when whe was shot with the BFG by the policeman..

Not The End Yet...

Start of the trouble

6 months ago, Gage and a terrorist was making an exchange. Gage had the nano bomb, and the terrorist had the diamonds. Agent 69 (Hel) was also there to try and grab the bomb. Camero was also there waiting the chance to grab the diamonds.

Incident at the Glory Hole that was referred by Gage at the start of the movie.

Suddenly the were surrounded by the local police department. I guess that they were not related to Agent 69's agency, cause she has no problem shooting them. Mayhem ensured..

A lot of things got destroyed. Suddenly Pinky appeared, the bad guys know it is time to flee but the police attacked Pinky with bad results..

In the melee, Pinky's katana was stuck to a wall (plus policeman), and Gage though that it would be cool to keep the sword, without realizing how much Pinky treasure the katana.

Back in the present, suddenly Trixie whip out a shiruken....

And it was revealed that she is actually Pinky. It will not end well for some people. Why did she treasure the sword so mush, it was a 15th century sword made by a famous Japanese sword maker..

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