Friday, April 30, 2010

A day of mixed feeling..

Today a lot of things happened.

Another of my uncle passed away.
Early in the morning, I got a call from my dad and he told me that one of my uncle has passed away last night. Even though I feel sad, but that's life. I lost my mom long ago, and one day my dad's turn will come and then me. We can just pray that we can have a happy life in this world and the ever after.

I want an Eleanor but end up with an Elegance.
I have been planning to buy a car since 2007. That's a long time already. So this year I swore I will not delay anymore and get a car. I was looking at Satria Neo and wanted to buy one today.

Then early morning my dad called me on the matter above. Then it got me thinking, Neo is a two door car, and admittedly even I have problem getting in the back seat. If one day I have to carry a sick family member, then there would be problem. I thought all the way from my house to the shop, on a bike mind you. Please don't try this at home.

At the shop I tested Proton Persona Elegance 1.6. Not bad, 110 bhp at 6500 rpm. And its bigger and has 4 doors. Suitable if there is any emergency. So book one, black color. Will you all ever see it? Maybe, but I am a bit scared to bring in to college, since Ms. Hema new Livina got hit by a student trying to "drift" park =.=. But if at night you are going downhill and see a mysterious black car cut you, that's me. :P


Of course my true love is still Ford Mustang Eleanor, but since we can't get her here, I am happy with my choice.

Eleanor, picture taken from web.

A walk by the seaside (Queensbay)
Today I was on leave, so after settling the car in the morning, I rushed to college to submit your exam marks, otherwise it will be delayed. Then went to Queensbay and walked around. When it was less hot, walked by the seaside overlooking Pulau Jerjak.

Walked until the end near Intel there.

Lotsa people playing kite in the evening.

KFC Briyani Rice

The rice itself is nice, but imagine eating briyani rice with chicken soup. Wierd =.=

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