Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vogue for Virtue@Queensbay 24-04-10

First of all, I would like to tell you that today's blog is powered by 2 packets of "nasi lemak". Vogue for Virtue: Charity Fashion Show managed to get 20K donations which is divided to 4 organization, meaning each gets 5K.

I arrived early to get a good spot cause there will be many people if you come late.

There were a lot of chairs so its not possible to get near the stage. Lucky they have big screens, so I foresee can look at the screens and take pics.

I was there so early that I managed to see their trail run first. These people are in the model competition, which finals is tomorrow.

Then bit by bit, the invited guest came.

Donald Trump???
More picture on the screen.

Finally the show starts.

The emcees.

Some famous singer from HK I guess. I only know S.H.E :P

The fashion show..

Amber Chia

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Low Elline said...

I din't watch the event but I saw Amber Chia in the toilet. Was thinking wow there's a participant who looks like her. Then I go back n ask my sis, she say its Amber Chia la...