Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ghost Story..another crazy game

Exam is super near, so I know that a lot of people are under duress. So its time to introduce another crazy game, called Ghost Story. In this game, you play a shinto priestess trying to get rid of ghost in a mansion so their soul can descend into heaven. Don't look at me, I am just the reviewer.

Don't look at me, that's the formal dress of a priestess according to the game =.=

Basically there are two ways of getting rid of the ghosts. Either you release them from their earthly problem, or violently purge them with rune papers. Not recommended, cause you will get a bad ending.

Jun uses the more "violent" way of purging ghosts.
These Japanese games are full of futanari. Go google it up :P

End spoilers:

You get rid of the girls by solving their quests, like find something that belongs to them or run a stage show.

Most of them you will not face any problem, except this one.

She will challenge you and wait for you at the courtyard. If you go there immediately, it will end in a fight and bad ending. You must exhaust all options possible to avoid the fight, like search all the rooms for stuffs, before talking to her.

Save the rune papers for the fight at the "eternal void"..


Dumbo, the Sojourning Elephant said...

Quote: "Don't look at me..." (twice)

Don't worry, we are definitely not looking at you. Our (speaking on behalf of dudes) eyes are inevitably drawn to the scantily-clad Shinto ghost-buster lass...

Incidentally, according to Hong Kong paranormal-movie makers, woman's underwear is to Chinese ghosts what garlic is to Western vampires. :-D So, following that logic, it should be impossible for women to be possessed by ghosts, unless they don't wear you-know-what. =.=

Anonymous said...

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