Saturday, January 2, 2010


Its my first posting of the new year, and its not good if you see me cursing this early in the year.

In the news today, I think most of you know the price of sugar has risen 20 cents.

I don't have a sweet tooth so I don't really take too much sugar, other than in my Coke. I don't really care that the price increase 20 cents but I do care later is, all non related items price will also be increased. Remember the last time the petrol price increase, even the price of chicken rice increase. Government control, don't make me laugh...

Saving the world?? I find it such an irony that the building of houses at hillsides still happen, plus the reclamation of the sea near the Jelutong expressway (near Tesco) so whether you like it or not, money still makes the world go round, or get you a place in the mega ark in the year 2012.

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