Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Dangerous Man...

Another Steven Seagal movie, now he is an ex special force guy.

His wife, who is half his age, I wonder what cologne he used..ha ha

When a guy tried to rob his wife..

Later the robber was found dead, and he was jailed for 6 years before they realized they got the wrong man using DNA evidence.

Top reason why you should not try to rob someone who just got out of jail.

Just drinking at the bridge and minding his own business.

Some kids drinking there too.

Then, not far from there..a police is checking a car.

You know there will be trouble when you find money during the raid.

Shooting at the witnesses.

Seagal in action..

He found a girl in the trunk of the car, the bad guy want the uncle of the girl, an accountant for the Chinese government. And the bad guys were in league with corrupt cops.

But lucky for Seagal, the kid's dad is a Russian Mob boss. Wow, how's that, Seagal and the Russian Mob against corrupt cops. Is the Russian Mob sponsoring this movie??

Russian Mob Boss

Oh no, he is doing it again...

Explosion behind me makes me look super cool...ha ha


Anonymous said...

For me, the definition of "a dangerous man" is:

A martial artist way over the hill sporting a slight paunch armed with a film crew and a movie budget. :-D

Sorry to all the SS fan... can't help but to say it out... ha-ha...

SMS said...

All the b-grade movie heroes are coming back. Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren are back with a new version of "Universal Soldier"..

Anonymous said...

Talking about Dolph Lundgren, I just had a good laugh last week watching "Master of the Universe" on TV. :-D

But to be honest, I actually enjoyed the film when I was a pre-teen. My cousin and I often visited the video rental store for cheesy sci-fi like this. :-p

Yeah, and we watched practically every JCVD movie that came out during that period. Goodness gracious... talk about squandered youth... :-D