Monday, January 25, 2010

Chai Lai angels part 2

Since the kidnapper managed to get the girl, the angels stake out a massage parlour where the bad guys frequent.

Which resulted in this tribute to Jackie Chan scene, fighting in towels, only its nicer to look at than when Jackie does it.

Even though badly beaten up, the bad guy managed to escape.

And now they hire killers to kill the angels...

The killers captured one of the angels boyfriend and attacked their house.

The angels escape via a secret route in their swimming pool..

Right, tell me you are not staring....

Encounter with the enemies at the other side..

Where have I seen this stance before???

if my enemies bowed like this, by the time they got their head up, I'll be long gone with my knife stuck behind their back.

Kung Fu gymnasts

This guy reminds me of Avatar, the air bender, not the blue one.

Caught in a Wild E Coyote style trap dropped from above..

Backup has arrived and the bad guys flee.

Finally the bad guy discover the secret of the pearl.

They try to sell off the pearl but the arrival of the girl's dad and the angels ruin their plan.


cinanmoroll said...

why 1000 yen???

SMS said...

The father is a Japanese, and hid the map in the 1000 yen.