Thursday, January 7, 2010

What a shame

I usually don't like to get involved in this matter, cause people tend to be over emotional. I only want to say, why do you have to resort to violence when you feel you cannot win an intelligent discussion. No one is raising a gun at the other side, so why are you doing an arson attack??

Remember what you do will reflect on Islam...Is it you do this because of God or because your pride is hurt?

Excuse me while I go cut my other finger and bleed.


Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair to my fellow Malaysians who are Muslims (you included) - and to sound a little bit conspiracy-theorist-ish - there IS a possibility that these crimes were prepetrated by third parties (could be domestic, could be foreign) who would love to see chaos in Malaysia. :-(

Anyway, my predominant opinion is that in this issue, it is the politicians that are being immature. If they would just let go of the issue, and just let the churches concerned quietly publish their books or papers or whatever, there wouldn't have been such ugly incidents, and I doubt that any Muslim who has received proper religious instruction would readily go pick up such a publication to read (and thereby gets offended or misguided or whatever). And if there is any Muslim who is not properly instructed in this matter, I think it is the job of the ustazes (is there a plural for this word?) and other religious teachers to educate him/her. The politicians should not meddle in this...

SMS said...

I have my own "conspiracy theory" but I will tell you when we meet up.