Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday again....

One of my uncles passed away today. I cannot make it in time for the funeral, so I just send my regards to the family. Time sure move fast. If your parents are still alive, you should cherish the moments. Even though I am busy, I try to make it a point to call my dad, at least twice in a month.

Since there is nothing I can do, I just went to Queensbay and walked around and think. Played "House of the dead 4", I think I'm getting better, can beat two bosses, type justice and the lovers already. With enough training, one of these days, I will finish the game with two tokens only.

Went for a walk by the seaside, the weather was a bit cloudy, then I captured this shot.

The plane, the plane (and old reference to "Fantasy Island")

One day I will fly away to Japan...

Inside Queensbay, there was a "body combat" exercise demo and later a BBoy dance competition. I was not in the mood to see the events so just passed by and take some picture.

Actually I was there looking for a new watch. My Guess watch has completely stop moving, and its not due to the battery. And its very annoying that the watch worked for 5 minutes, then pause and later move again.

Someone told me, why wear watch when the handphone has a time and date display? Duh, do you expect me to reach in my pocket for my handphone everytime I need to know the time??

So after wandering around Swatch and the multiple shop, plus toying with the idea of buying a Tissot, finally made up my mind and buy a Japanese watch, Seiko. I had good memories with Japanese watches, I wore 1 for 12 years. Godforbid anyone show me a Polo watch (6 months life).

Its an automatic watch, no batteries required....

And I send my Guess watch for repair. Waiting to see whether they can repair it.

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