Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brotherhood of the wolf

A French movie made in the year 2001. My original copy of the disk stuck halfway and I did not that the movie again until I saw the blu-ray copy last Monday. This movie is a great action/mystery/kung fu movie.

A mysterious beast has been killing the people in the province of Ge'vaudant.

So the King of France send his knight, Fronsac and his assistant Mani, a red Indian to investigate the beast.
Some soldiers beating up an old man and his daughter..

I know kung fu..

They investigated the bodies of victims killed by the beast..

While the soldiers hunt for the so called beast, wolves..

They also met some characters..

A noble who lost one of his arm to a lion and always uses silver bullets to hunt..

This girl is actually a spy for the Vatican..more on that later

Some people from the church claims the beast is a punishment from God for the king of France..

The next killing reveals that the beast has a metal fang..

With pressure mounting, the soldiers just shot a wolf and claim that was the beast..

The government tried to bribe the knight into keeping quiet, but with the next killing, our heroes returned to hunt and kill the real beast.

To be continued in part 2...

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