Friday, January 15, 2010

Chinese New Year mood at Queensbay

Actually today I am not feeling so well, and I did something bad in the afternoon, but I hope the people can understand the reason I did it. So I decided to head out to Queensbay after work just to clear up my mind.

Finally the Chinese New Year decorations are up, with less than a month to go. At the main entrance..

The rickshaw which is human powered..

Inside at the main stage..

I don't know where they got the classic car.

This reminds me of days of long ago, where they sells talc in tin can with drawings outside it. I don't think any of you have lived long enough to see it..

For the ceiling, just change from black to red.

Hopefully I still have enough energy this weekend to go to Gurney...


Selvia said...

So nice...
Really can feel the New Year atmosphere there...
The pedicab looks cute..hihihi

SMS said...

Gonna get more pictures this weekend. A lot of stuff that they show are antiques.