Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jenglot Pantai Selatan

I first heard of this Indonesian movie from and its like 300 years since I have seen an Indonesian movie, plus the trailer looks interesting. When I saw the dvd on sale, so what the heck right? You can always give it a try.

For the uninitiated, a jenglot is a type of mysterious creature or vampire in Indonesian culture and mythology. It is described as looking much like a tiny, living human doll.

Back to the movie, a black magic man is performing a ritual to bring a jenglot to live at the south beach (Pantai Selatan). I have a feeling the more accurate translation would be Sourthern Sea, cause that will be associated to the Queen of the Sourthen Sea, Nyai Loro Kidul, but I am drifting here. The story is about jenglot and not her.
 I think they just put a suit on a monkey for this effect.
A bunch of teenagers wants to go for a holiday on the newly opened south beach. Beach you say, of course, otherwise how would they attract people to watch this movie. With girls in bikinis of course..yay.
 This movie has more bikini and boobs that that stupid bikini girls on ice movie.
Jenglot attacks..
More boobs and bikinis. I love this
I think they purposely focus on the
See, I am not making this up.

More jenglot attacks.
More I love this movie
 Alien jenglot?

The last two survivors, I say they deserve to be killed for being stupid. For me, it there was trouble, I would not hang around, I would just run away.
This guy is unbelievably stupid. He got a drop on the jenglot and what does he do? He reached out his hand. I would be looking for some weapons at that moment.
This is what you get for being stupid =.=
The girl tries to catch the jenglot with a sack. At least she was more creative.
At the end of the movie, the jenglot was killed, but there is a new jenglot now in
Recommended only if you want to see Indonesian girls in bikini. A great movie for parties and getting drunk..ha ha

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sofian cuney said...

Nononono....It just a movie bro.. Keep calm and enjoying haha