Monday, June 27, 2011

Ka-bar Zombie Killer Knife Series

If you played Diablo 2, you know there are set items that when completed, will give you extra powers. Guess what, Ka-bar came up with the Zombie Killer series. Gosh, they are taking this zombie apocalypse seriously too.

Actually I am a knife collector too, laugh all you want, but once the zombie starts rising from the ground, don't knock on my door and say you want to borrow one of my knives..ha ha.

Here is the Ka-bar Zombie Killer Series.

Ka-Bar ZK Kharon Tanto Folder

Ka-Bar ZK Acheron Skeleton Knife

Ka-bar ZK Death Dagger

Ka-bar ZK Famine Tanto Knife

Ka-bar ZK Pestilence Chopper Knife

Ka-bar ZK War Sword.

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