Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tucker & Dale vs Evil

I found this little gem of a movie, it has limited release in the US, but whoever have seen it, would highly recommend it to others. And it is highly rated in Rotten Tomatoes too. But who cares about the rating, just go see the movie and decide for yourself.
As of the start of any slasher movies, a group of teenagers are going to a party/camping trip.
They had a near collision with tho hillbillies, Tucker and Dale, the stereotypical bad guys in the slasher movies.
But these two are actually just moving into their new house that they have just bought near some woods.
So Dale tried to introduce himself while holding a scythe, which is not a good things for teens who have watched one too many slasher movies.
Which causes everyone to run away.

Finally Tucker and Dale reached their new house.
With old clipping of serial killer activity on the wall.
Tucker was almost killed when one of the beams he was leaning on give way. But more on this beam later.
Meanwhile, the teens were camping and telling slasher stories. I wonder why they always do this in camps. In stereotypical slasher movies, some of them will go to a secluded area to have sex, only to be killed. Just watch Friday the 13th. But that's not what happens in this movie.
Later that night, the teens were taking a swim while Tucker and Dale were fishing at a nearby spot.
Alison fell from a rock and was unconcious and was saved by Dale who dragged her into the boat.
When the others saw, they assume the worse.
"We got your friend"..which cause everyone to run away, only to regroup and give chase later.
Tucker was waiting to cut some trees but Dale and Alison was still having breakfast so he decided to cut it himself.
He accidentally cut a hornet nest and was running with the chainsaw (from the hornets) while one of the teens were approaching the cabin.
This is what happens when you run without looking, first kill (actually it was an accident).
The rest of the teens assume the two hillbillies killed their friend and one of them decided to go to get help while the others tried to attack again.

Tucker was clearing some wood with the wood chipper and Dale was digging a hole with Alison help (they thought he was forcing her to dig her
Two attacks, which resulted in two accidental deaths.
Of course this movie have some
At this point, Tucker and Dale were wondering, why are all these teenagers committing suicide on our land, by the way Alison was knocked out by the attack.

Meanwhile the teens managed to contact the police, unlike in other slasher movies.
Tucker tried to explain the situation.
Checking on Alison.

All is going well until the cop decided to lean on a beam, remember THE beam?
Accidentally shot himself with the gun.

This movie is so fun, I don't want to give any more spoilers, so I would recommend that you see it for yourself. 

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