Wednesday, June 8, 2011

7 years of my life :- 2005-2011

I joined the company in 2005 as a lecturer. During that time, it was the old campus where they have two cafe. The underground one which is run by Big Bite and the top one, near the computer labs selling chicken chop rice and "roti ayam". The library was freaking cold and big and there were no projectors in the classroom. If you wanted to use the projector, you have to get the "dim sum" tray and push it to the classroom.

My first class consists of Elaine, Jasmine, Yuka and a few others. During that time, the classes were small and there was enough parking for cars. And if you were tired, you can sit on the benches and look at the football field.
Sometimes go back late also, but I was not complaining.

If I were to list all the students who graduated at the old campus, it will be a long list of DIT, DICT and DEE students, but I still remember you all. All of you are working now, some in big MNCs like Intel and Dell.

We were small but we worked very hard.
2008, the rapture I mean we moved to the new campus.
New Campus. I am one of the earliest to use the computer labs there.
The place where my cubicle is now.

Then Justin left....

I have seen students turn from game playing freaks
Into professionals. Some of them have overtaken me now, I would say we are equals

Working memories..
Campus memories
Obviously it is not possible to put everything in a single post, but I have not forgotten any of you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this 7 meaningful years of my life. Love you all :')

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