Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today - 1.6.2011

Its almost time to make the final decision on the new job offer.

I woke up this morning it the sky was dark, I believe that it rained the night before.I had a 3 hours class with my students, and then they have another 3 hours class. In the end its 6 hours straight. I feel sad when this happens because of "Optimization" or "fully utilizing the classroom". That's bullshit and everyone knows that.

I wish my fever would heal faster cause I need to go for a medical checkup for the new job. I think its the stress too that cause me to be sick.

Sometimes you see a ray of hope through the cloudy sky.
In the evening I went to Queensbay cause I need to buy a few things like belt, pants and shirt. The problem with me is I don't like to rush when buying things. So in the end, I decided to wait for Saturday then only buy. I did buy a new Esprit shirt though, its cheap and costs less than RM100.
Gonna wear it for Friday's event.

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