Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tonight feel like writing a bit about Japanese clothing, which is fundoshi (loin-cloth)

Fundoshi are often worn during summer festivals by men who carry mikoshi (portable shrines) in parades.
  How to wear one

The only problem is if you have only one daughter to carry the portable shrine.

But now I guess more and more girls are wearing fundoshi.
 Kanamara Matsuri “Festival of the Steel Phallus”


Indonesia Food said...

i like use fundoshi. because it very simple to make it.

Anonymous said...

Fundoshi shows too much of the buttocks and the front part.

Fundoshi user said...

Me likey Fundoshi. Happy shiny good time.

Anonymous said...

fundoshi are pretty lewd probably shouldn't be worn in public by women.
or maybe it should idk. all i know is it is a fetish so becareful!