Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend again

I was really looking forward to the weekend. You can see my "woke up at the wrong side of the universe" hair on Friday.

Finally weekend has come. On Saturday, I spent the afternoon at Queensbay, looking at clothes for Raya. Actually I have bought a jeans, so just looking around. A lot of people were buying clothes for the celebration, so I was lazy to queue up to buy something. I went to play "House of the Dead 4", just to try to get a perfect score. What annoys me is some dumb kid always wants to join me when I am playing. What he does not know is when playing multiplayer, both persons must be equally good, or you are gonna get screwed anyway, so thanks to him, I lost 2 lives fighting the Lovers. He can't shoot shit even if his life depends on it....

Saturday night is leisure night, so just play some online game. =.=

Today early morning, I went to town to pay my bills. Still faster to go to town using a bike. I plan to get another bike soon. Been reading those bike magazines, this KTM model looks interesting.

On the way back, I saw an accident, a Swift hit the back of a Proton Wira. And the Swift is newer than my car =.=. The way people drive these days, don't think that you are immortal.

Just spend my Sunday at Queensbay, looking at people shopping and playing arcade games.

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