Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally my new jeans

People that knows me say I am damn picky when choosing clothes. I can spend like 2 days going to the same shop looking at the same clothes before I make up my mind. That's why most of the salesgirls at Queensbay and Gurney knows me =.=

Its almost Hari Raya and all I have is one faded jeans that I bought like 2 years ago. If I don't pity my dad, sure I won't bother buy new clothes for the celebration. So its time to buy new jeans again.

The problem with jeans is all of them look the same, unless you consider the pattern in Evisu jeans. Some of the new jeans have the faded look more than my old jeans and it costs, vintage look they call it.

So off to buy jeans it is. I used to wear Levi's until I decided I had too many of them. So now I wear either Quiksilver or Esprit jeans.

First attempt, Merdeka day, Esprit was full with people so I went to Topman to look at their jeans. They have buy 1 shirt + 1 jeans for 139....but the problem with Topman is their cutting is either slim or skinny. WTF, where got men that small =.= . They have straight cut too so I tried one of those.

It looks good, unfortunately its low waist and I have a problem with low waist jeans. Either you "accidentely" see people's underwear ot the crack of their ass with low waist jeans. Conclusion, rejected.

Second attempt, today I got off work at 2 due to the extra hours, so off to Esprit. Lucky today not so many people so I have the chance to try the stuff.

Bought that and I still have a RM30 shopping voucher to get a shirt later..

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