Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Final Year Project idea

We had tons of attendance taking system but non of it seems effective as there are constrains either cost, technology or hardware.

Therefore most lecturers tend to do "old school" attendance taking system, meaning calling the students name one by one. The challenge here is that if the class is big, the lecturer will have a hard time calling all the students name.

Therefore I propose a "text to speech" attendance taking system, where there is a software that will "call" the students name. The lecturer just have to load a text file containing the list of the students in the class, therefore the software is generic enough without the need to store complicated databases containing name and course of the students. What is required is just the name list, in either a text or excel format, which can be typed individually by each lecturer.

The challenge is to make the name pronunciation as accurate as possible which require a study in phonetics.

Anyone interested can contact me for more details.

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