Monday, September 19, 2011

Zomb’asians: Thongs of the Dead

A group of hormonally charged teenagers are trapped on an a mysterious island when their teacher goes missing.

They turn to the islands only resident, a strange ghost busting taoist monk, for help. He tells them of the island’s undead curse and his constant struggle with evil as the lone protector of humanity on the island. Believing he is a certifiable lunatic the teens head out to the dock in search of a cell phone signal only to be attacked by a host of hot barely clad Zomb’asians!

They are rescued by the taoist and his super sexy kung fu daughter; but with no options left the teens are forced to return to the temple to stay the night till the next boat arrives in the morning.

Things go from bad to worse as the girls are captured by a zombie queen intent on one thing: sucking out their life essence to so she can attain everlasting life. Comedy kung fu hijinks and supernatural sight-gags ensue as the boys and the old Taoist must man up to defeat this ancient evil undead bombshell and save the kidnapped girls.

Based on an original concept by Russell Wait and Gary Gibbons.

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