Wednesday, September 17, 2008

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1. What are your goals/dreams?

♥ I just want to be happy

2. The most happiest thing in your life?

♥ My family and friends

3. Favorite colour?

♥ blue

4. What would you do if u have a million dollars?

♥ Resign, resign, resign
♥ Invest the money
♥ Buy a big bike and roam Penang every day (Gurney, Queensbay, BJ)

5. Where do you wish to go the most? Why?

Japan. Can see Bunny Girls ^^

6. What is your weakness that you can't stand the most?

♥ I am lazy

7. What will you do if you face something sad?

♥ Play Time Crisis 4.

8. Most afraid to lose..?

♥ People I care about

9. What is the practical target within this 5 years?

♥ Hmm, get another job =.=

10. Ask yourself, do you like yourself?

♥ I dunno.

11. Favorite song?

♥ “Smells Like Teen Spirit” - Nirvana

12.What weird things that you wish to happen?

♥ Someone gave me 1 million

13.What age do you wish to live until?

♥ Hmm

14. You Hate which type of people the most?

♥ People who think that they are always right.

15. Are you satisfied with your life?

♥ Hmm

16. What do you wish to do the most now?

♥ Go back and rest

17. What do you think will make you think that the human nature is dark?

♥ Just read the newspaper everyday =.=

18. If you are in deepest depression, who will you look for?

♥ Someone I trust.

19. A present that you wish to get from your lover.

♥ Hmm

20. What is your worst health problem?

♥ Tension

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Bunny what?... =.=|||