Monday, September 8, 2008

I have been busy recently.

These 2 weeks was very busy for me, the short semester has already started where the workload can reach 24 hours per week , like 4 or 5 hours per day. Some more the fasting month has started so I am kinda occupied with buying food in the evening.

hmmm, where to start. This semester there seem to clashes between my timetable and another lecturer's time table. There goes the so called high standards. In the end, I had to sacrifice and take 8 hours on Thursday as there is no other way, unless you want me to ignore the problem and hopes it goes away. Lots of people will just say its not my problem, someone else cause the error, so let the student die, but I feel its not right? So someone owe me big time for this...

Last Saturday, it rained like hell until several areas in Penang were flooded. It start raining at 1 pm and non stop until the evening. Actually I want to go to Wawasan that day, but due to the weather, I had to postpone my trip. Being a biker means you are screwed once it started to rain. By evening I had to go buy food, so there is no choice but to brave the rain. After buying food, then something happened to remind me why I was reluctant to change my bike. You see all the new models have problem starting, my bike just started smoothly.

One of my jeans got accidentally torn in a weird place, so I was looking for a new Jeans. Know what, all the new Levi model are torn jeans style. Anyone can recommend me another brand of Jeans? Except my Evisu, its still in a shop in UK ^^. Is Topman jeans ok??

A lot of my students are going overseas this week or next week. All the best to them. Try to gain the experience overseas.

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