Monday, September 8, 2008

Politicians T.T

Sigh la these politicians. I think common people have no problem with each other's races. Its just the politicians that like to fan up this racist statements. I am a Malay and I have friends who are Chinese, Indians and others, and we do not have a problem with each other, we can work together and eat together.

Now this guy is saying it's about Malay and Islam's honor. Which honor is that, even if he walks down the street. he can see Muslim and Malay beggars by the roadside. Where is the honor in that? Help those people first before you talk about honor. I read from the news this guy has a big Condo somewhere in Penang.

Ultimately the guy who can stop all these nonsense before it happens choose to remain quite before it all got out of hand. If only the Prime Minister opened his mouth and say something before this happen. =.=. Now only he wants to act. I think he should read "The Art Of War" more.
Excuse this monster while he vomits =.=

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