Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Panic at Queensbay

I was walking at Queensbay when suddenly I saw hordes of people going out of Queensbay. Earthquake tremors. Did I feel it, actually I felt a little dizzy before, but I thought it was my head.

The shops were closing while people try to go down the escalators. I thought, the chance of getting crushed to death by people was higher than the building actually collapsing. So I chatted with a guard while waiting for the crowd to be cleared.

Finally I managed to get outside the building. There was already a large crowd there.
I was wondering why so many people stayed so close to the building. If there were strong tremors, they might be crushed by the falling debris. I guess they have not watched so many disaster movies as me.

A few minutes later, the fire department was there with their trucks, sounding the siren and getting people off the beach. I guess that was for the tsunami precaution, since last time, there were some people killed when the tsunami hit Penang after the Aceh earthquake in 2004 if not mistaken.

The shops closed early that night, around 7.30 pm.

And the cause of all these is..

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