Monday, January 16, 2012

Over the weekends

I was busy yesterday with a very long meeting, and I was rushing for the knowledge management report and new website template. Today only I am a bit free.

Last Sunday there is a kids singing competition over at Queensbay, and here are the winners.

I was practicing Tekken last weekend, and I would say that I am pretty good in a sense, I can go head to head with the best fighters. Currently I am quite proficient in using 3 players.

Eddy. I find him good against fast attackers like Law and Lily. His sweeps are awesome and he works well against fast, kicking style attackers. Weakness, he has a problem with people who use leg sweeps like King and Zafina, and uppercuts like Kazuya. I won't use him against these fighting styles.

King, his punches and kicks are awesome. And I use his leg-sweeps against opponents who annoy me. One time someone using Bryan keep bouncing me with his leg sweep, and I return the favour the next round, just to tell him not only he can play at that game. Weakness, fast attackers like Lily, that I switch to Eddy.
Jack 6, punches like a tank, his only weakness I feel is he has very short legs =.=

Record Saturday 5 wins 2 losses. Sunday, I saw one player vomit while in a match, maybe fought too long until he gets dizzy lol.
I finally disassemble my knife because I wanted to spray the handle in camouflage color.

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