Monday, January 2, 2012

3 days leave

I was wondering around during the New Year leave, and it seems that the Chinese New Year decoration is up already at Queensbay. Gurney is a bit slow, but its ok cause the Chinese New Year is going to fall on the end of this month, and this is the year of the Dragon.

Just arranging my knife while waiting for the New Year. I am planning to get either a Cold Steel or Spyderco knife this year.

On Sunday I was walking around at Gurney and I saw a Bata retail store. That sure brings memories of my childhood, during that time, most of the school shoes were Bata brand.
There is a misconception that Bata is a Malaysian brand. Actually no, its based in Bermuda with the headquarter is Switzerland. Since its a foreign brand, why is the shoes freaking cheap, I saw one less than RM100 yesterday (note, RM100 is considered cheap here, my shoes cost me RM418 >.<). So I guess this brand targets a niche market for low costs shoes.
These are my shoes

Other than that, I saw an interesting bag, is it worth getting?

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