Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm back

Finally I have free time today. I was super busy with writing a report for a conference that I am attending next month. I have revised the report everyday since last Thursday and finally today everything is finalized. The conference will be in the Philippines.

Last weekend I had a class in Wawasan. This is my first class since 2009, it still feels great to teach, but I honestly think I cannot do it full time anymore. If people asked me, yes, I still love to teach, but there are things in the Education business that makes me sick to my stomach. I heard that some staff from my previous college have left, some more this guy use to boast that the college is the best, now he is working in Segi =.=. I honestly think the college should ask themselves why are all their good people leaving? I have the answer, but I don't think they wanna hear it.

I was back my hometown and the padi field have been harvested. Technically this is my land now, but I'm not really concern about that.
A wax apple tree near my house has some fruits.
As you all know I am a knife collector, and I am pondering should I get this. It costs RM130, but is great to hang on the wall and just in case of a zombie apocalypse.

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Are you a filipino?