Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011 Adults costume competition

I should have gone back after the kids competition to recharge my batteries, but I decided to stay and now I have like half battery only left. The adult competition starts around 8 and the first prize winner brings back RM1000.

I had the bad luck of standing behind someone using a camera but lifts it so high that it blocks my shot. People raise the camera high if they were at the back to take pictures, but she is like in the front row, why do you have to lift it so high??

After a while, I was pissed off again and decided to go the other side. This always happens to me, but my move to the other side is good, cause I get to see all the backstage action.
Really cool make up and zombie effect.
This is also cool
Sigh, enough already, go back to Wonderland.
I don't really agree when people associate horror with blood only, but these people do anyway.
Need more blood!!
More bloody creatures
Honestly I am not afraid of blood and these are fake blood. Last week I accidentally cut my hand and it was bleeding, so is it scary??

The cleaner is going to have a fit to clean all the fake blood off the

Zombie Dance by Danzity. After that my phone died..sorry.

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