Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What is software with culture?

Another waste of money. What do you mean Malaysianize the software? Don't tell me changing the menu to the Malay language cost 200 million. Sometimes I honestly feel they don't know what they are talking about. Absolute nonsense.

The last attempt at localizing the software is changing the Windows menu to the Malay language, which was initiated around 1995, and I feel that was an absolute failure. Changing the language does not make the software local. Imagine watching a Spanish tele-drama dubbed in Malay. Does it make the story more local like? Ask yourself and you will know the answer.

In the 90s, we had our Multimedia Super Corridor project and even Bill Gates was supporting it. What happened to it now, was it a failure? You ask yourself honestly what great software have we come up with?

I am very afraid that this software with culture is a flash presentation showing all our traditional dances. And it costs 200 millions!!!!!

The money will be better spend in updating the computer labs at school (make sure it does not collapse anymore), or investing in buying the in-demand software like SAP, ORACLE and so on, so we can train our workforce to be competent in these software.

Its just a suggestion form me, a nobody, but at least i did not say facebook is evil....:P

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Elaine_JY said...

Obviously the government failed in financial management.