Monday, May 24, 2010

Introduction to a balisong

A balisong is another name to the butterfly knife. It originated from the Phillipines and was bought back to the US by the US marines during the 70s. The best balisongs are made in the Phillipines which can set you back around USD300. Even the US made balisongs are good, especially Cold Steel brand. Unfortunately, most of the balisongs here are the CCC type as one expert said it. "Crappy Cheap Chinese" made balisongs which can break during the spinning of the knife.

I used to have 3 balisongs, I broke one, I lost one and now only one is left. I went to the knife shop and it seems that they have a new stock of balisongs so gonna get one this weekend.

So let me introduce you to a balisong.

Basically a balisong has two handles, a blade and a pin that holds the handle together. For an expert, even the handle can be used as a blunt weapon.

Always hold the handle with no pin, cause the blade is on the other side, or you might lose your fingers.

Even if you are twirling it, make sure the blade is behind your finger.

I am ok with a balisong, but I think I can flick open a knife faster than all the fancy moves.


Flick knife

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