Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Sunday

This week I have 3 days leave due to Wesak day on Friday. I am still trying to heal myself because nowadays I feel very tired. Maybe its not my body that's hurting but my soul.

Went to QB for a walk and they had this "Spell It Right" competition. In this day and age where we have spell checkers and auto correct features in our word processors, it is interesting to see youngsters still able to spell correctly.

The finalists were from Penang Chinese Girl High School, Sek. Men. Bukit Jambul, MRSM Kepala Batas, Jit Sin and Light Street Convent. Only one guy there from MRSM.

In the end, the guy rough it out and managed to win. He will be representing Penang for the Malaysian based competition.

Lots of people watching the competition.

Last month was someone's birthday and I wanted to buy the person a gift. Been searching around for a month but cannot find something suitable. Today I saw something interesting in the gift shop and decided to buy it. No, this is not the person that some of you might be thinking. You think I am crazy enough to put that in my blog? :P

Evil rabbit..cause the person loves rabbit XD

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