Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tokyo Species

I have a feeling it's like Species, but with Maria Ozawa. I want to watch..lol

Michiko a high school girl had committed suicide, but she was resuscitated by an alien parasitism. While she brutally murdered men and spawned one after another, her friend Rika met Mayumi. Mayumi was told that she was parasitized by a gentle alien. They decided to fight Michiko.

“Tokyo Species”, which stars Ozawa Maria, Minami Marika, Mizuse Manami, Namiko, Kobayashi Kazunori, Kouno Tomonori, Oosako Shigeo, and Akikawa Yuri, invades Japanese DVD retailers on February 3rd, 2012.

Update, Tokyo Species Review can be found here.


Marcin said...

How do you find those diamonds :). Priceless, man, priceless

SMS said...

I read a lot, and I mean a lot of movie reviews websites, and I don't mean the mainstream ones. You might want to try beyondhollywood.com for a lot of great previews and reviews.

Marcin said...

Not sure I am dedicated enough, I mean- I enjoy those but sword hunts take most of my time. Will keep an eye on your discoveries since you are so kind to share them.