Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last Christmas

Well, actually this happened on a Friday before Christmas. Me and my friend, we went to Straits Quay, actually its Delicious cafe for some tea, then later dinner at Sakae Sushi, but that's another story. Actually she wants to try Library, but I don't drink..ha ha.  Actually the cakes at Delicious there are quite famous, so just give it a try.

Not bad at all.

The Christmas tree at Straits Quay.

On Saturday, I met another of my ex student. We were supposed to meet up at Gurney, but it rained and I was scared of the traffic, so we met up at Queensbay instead. Lucky I arrived earlier and managed to park at the 5th floor, if I was later, I might have to park at the rooftop. Finding a place to eat was a pain, and finally we decided to eat at Station One.

Sunday, its finally Christmas..

Last look at the Christmas decoration.

Coming Soon: New Year and Chinese New Year

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