Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy with Conference

This week, I was super busy with a conference, now only I have time to update my blog. The conference I am talking about is the 4th International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, held at Seameo Recsam, Penang. 
I need to buy another set of coat. Hmm, maybe when I am a bit free later. Should I buy black color coat? ha ha.

Keynote address by Prof Ken Clements.
This model can be used by lecturers and teachers alike.

Then there is the conference dinner at City Bayview Hotel, Penang.
The food

Not bad right?

The funny thing is some of the conference participants thought I was not a Malaysian. Do I not look like a Malaysian to you? ha ha. But this is not the first time. My previous job, I had to travel to KL often, and when I too a cab to KLIA, the taxi driver always ask me, going back to Singapore?

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