Monday, August 1, 2011

My new office

Today I start my new job. All that know me please wish me well in my new job. I will not forget you all.

Wow, I got an office again in this job, my own office with doors and air cond.
Yeah, I know its a little empty, tomorrow I'll put the gifts you all gave me on the table. Today first day so had to settle a lot of things. They told me I am supposed to have one admin assistant, gasp, speechless, I am not a manager to have an assistant. Shy. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. My boss told me my job might require overseas travel to Bangkok too, hmm, interesting.
Talked to my boss and it seems there were many pending things. Everyone was welcoming me, and jokingly said that they also have some pending items. This place has more PhD holders than my college, some of them from Thailand and Philippines. It should be interesting working with them. 

So what did I do today? I designed a database template for their record keeping. Tomorrow gonna attend a meeting and get the records.

Wish me all the best, I will visit you all when I have time.


wolfpack said...

wahhh...i want to join u do they have business analyst opening???

SMS said...

Ha ha, not at the moment. If there is any vacancy, I will tell you

wolfpack said...