Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Open Conference System Installation

Basically this is a bit technical, but the installation is kinda complicated and those online help does not really help, so I am going to do my guide here.

Open Conference System is a open source software that can be used to manage conference which includes user registration, paper submissions and many more features. It can be downloaded at http://pkp.sfu.ca/?q=ocs

If you read the manual it says it requires Apache, Php, MySQL. The easiest way is to a software called XAMPP which contains these three things.

Once you download the Open Conference software you have to unzip it and put it in the XAMPP/htdocs folder.

One thing that they did not tell you is you must manually create several folders
1. cache - inside cache you create the subfolders _db, t_cache and t_compile
2. public

If you did not create these folders, you will face problem installing, err, how do you actually install??

You just type localhost/software and follow the instructions.

One common area is the database error, it will say access denied or something like that.

The most common mistake is getting your User wrong. Check it at the MySQL console.

If you done everything correctly, you should be able to install it correctly


BERSERK said...

Thank you for very useful information. I have just finished the installation ocs on XAMPP localhost following your instruction. However, I could not access the database due to access was denied. As you comment in the final paragraph that I should check at the MySQL console, so, it is possible that how to check the usr and pass on database or how to create the database on MySQL.


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