Monday, May 7, 2012

I have been a bit busy

Did not update the blog for some time cause I have some issues to settle. Finally its settled (hopefully). Other than that, I was feeling a bit stressed these few weeks.

I was wondering, why Shaolin monks learn kung fu, since they live a peaceful life. Someone told me, they learn kung fu so no one messes with them, thus they live a peaceful life..ha ha.

I am looking on ways to increase my income. Maybe I should open a programming class and charge the students. I do get some projects, but I don't have enough manpower to take all the projects. So I plan to get some of my ex-students to help me. Sorry to say, money does make the world go round, and its not fun if you don't have enough.

Today I just paid for my car insurance and road tax, now my wallet pain T.T. And I am trying to get another car for my sister. That might kill me, but I have to try.

I love the Honda CR-Z, but its manual, so I have to retrain driving a manual car.

Other than that, I am the chairman for the Family Dinner 2012, so I selected Retro vs Cross Culture style. We will see how that turns

And, the Education Minister of Brunei is coming to visit. Guess who has to prepare the presentation for him..sigh.

Its almost lunch time. Have a nice day..

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