Monday, March 5, 2012

Thriller in Manila

Finally I have left Malaysia (for a conference in the It was last week, on Tuesday. I woke up at 4.30 am because my flight to KL was at 7.00 am. Many thanks to the person that send me to the airport, you know who you are :)

A few days before that I exchanged some RM to Peso. The exchange rate for buying is like 1000 peso = RM75, but when you buy back, you lose RM5, 1000 peso = RM70.

Checked in my bag and then had breakfast at McD, later my colleagues arrive and we boarded the 7.00 am flight to KL. Talk about bad luck, someone snored ultra loud in the airplane all the way and even the foreigners were looking. I forget to record it and post on Youtube. Anyway, here's a friendly advice, if you have a snoring problem go see the doctor to get some medication for it.

We had some drinks at KLIA, and well, it was bloody expensive, RM11 something for 3 persons. Then its time to board the plane to Manila at around 9.30 something. The going out process was simple, you just have to drop the passport in the slot and place your thumb, and you are done.

The airplane was kinda small and the air stewardess like bumped her ass to my shoulder like 100 I don't know why they prefer to have air stewardess mush have big chests and ass cause it keeps bumping into the passengers when they get the food or just pass by. Maybe they should rethink this strategy so my friend can qualify as an air

After 3 hours and 10 minutes, I finally reached Manila. The customs ask the Pakistani guy in front of me a lot of questions, but when it was my turn, he did not even ask anything =.=
 The traffic jam in Manila is like in Penang.
And the cars are all left hand drive.
There are a lot of Jeepneys on the road, but its a pity I don't have the chance to try it. ha ha.
 Finally reached my hotel.


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